- A Simple tip to keep your pool pipes from freezing this winter!
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A Simple tip to keep your pool pipes from freezing this winter!


It happens almost every year at about this time. Our beautiful sunny paradise by the sea experiences one or more cold snaps that send our usually mild temperatures plummeting from balmy to Brrrrrrrrrrrrr and puts your pool at risk of problems.

Most swimming pool plumbing in the Florida panhandle is made with exposed PVC. Without insulation a hard freeze can cause the water inside these pipes to freeze and possibly burst the pipes. Broken pipes can cause water loss and get air into your system which will often lead to more extensive damage to pumps and motors.

Fortunately in most cases pool freeze-ups can easily be prevented.  Moving water is much less likely to freeze so If your pool’s circulation pump is set on a mechanical timer with on and off tabs, you can simply remove the off tab to allow 24 hour circulation, or if you expect daytime temps to stay above freezing you can change the timer settings to circulate the pool at night and shut off during the day. Be sure to have the pump circulating in the wee hours of the morning, as temperatures often reach their lowest levels just before dawn.

Some of the more sophisticated pool automation systems actually have built in freeze protection so if you have one of those you should be in good shape.  If you are not sure about your system then do check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend.

While you are winterizing your pool remember to consider your outdoor shower and hose bibs as they are also vulnerable. You may want to leave the water dripping from these as well during extremely cold nights.

Hope this tip helps! Wishing you warm nights and a happy healthy pool!

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