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A Simple tip to keep your pool pipes from freezing this winter!


It happens almost every year at about this time. Our beautiful sunny paradise by the sea experiences one or more cold snaps that send our usually mild temperatures plummeting from balmy to Brrrrrrrrrrrrr and puts your pool at risk of problems.

Most swimming pool plumbing in the Florida panhandle is made with exposed PVC. Without insulation a hard freeze can cause the water inside these pipes to freeze and possibly burst the pipes. Broken pipes can cause water loss and get air into your system which will often lead to more extensive damage to pumps and motors.

Fortunately in most cases pool freeze-ups can easily be prevented.  Moving water is much less likely to freeze so If your pool’s circulation pump is set on a mechanical timer with on and off tabs, you can simply remove the off tab to allow 24 hour circulation, or if you expect daytime temps to stay above freezing you can change the timer settings to circulate the pool at night and shut off during the day. Be sure to have the pump circulating in the wee hours of the morning, as temperatures often reach their lowest levels just before dawn.

Some of the more sophisticated pool automation systems actually have built in freeze protection so if you have one of those you should be in good shape.  If you are not sure about your system then do check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend.

While you are winterizing your pool remember to consider your outdoor shower and hose bibs as they are also vulnerable. You may want to leave the water dripping from these as well during extremely cold nights.

Hope this tip helps! Wishing you warm nights and a happy healthy pool!

Top 3 Reasons you should invest in a pool heater now.


1. It turns your pool into a money making machine!

If you rent out your vacation home and don’t have a heated pool you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.   With a heated pool you are much more likely to get those extra bookings in the Spring and Fall, and even in the Winter.

It also makes financial sense to install a pool heater at your vacation rental because it is surprisingly affordable. Did you know it often takes just one additional rental that you would not have otherwise booked to more than pay for the heater? The next bookings after that are all pure profit to you!

2. It will dramatically increase your own enjoyment of your pool.

You’ve already spent a lot of money having a pool and making it look inviting. With a heater you and your family get about 3-4 more months of total pool use when it is still nice and warm outside but most unheated pools are too cold to be comfortable swimming in.   You can also heat it just for special occasions such as family gatherings etc. Heating your pool the extra few degrees to make it inviting in the spring and fall really does not cost much but pays huge dividends in pool enjoyment!

3. It will make you money!

Yes, I know. We already said that in # 1.   I want it to really hit home because in the course of our business we see the same thing over and over again year after year. During off season renters book homes with heated pools and the homes that don’t stay empty.

Of course you can (and we think you should) also charge your guests extra if they want to have the pool heated during their stay. Most vacation rentals with typical small pools charge about $50 per day or $200-$300 per week for pool heat. It usually does not cost nearly as much to actually heat it, (especially during spring and fall when it is still warm outside) so for you it adds another revenue stream that allows you make even more money with your property.

Some enterprising people even use pool heat as a discount or bartering tool.   For example: Lets say you charge $250 a week for pool heat but it only costs you around $40-$50 to heat the pool for a week in late October.   If you get potential renters asking for additional discounts you can entice them by offering to throw in free pool heat to sweeten the deal. For them it is a $250 savings, but for you it is only a $50 concession and you have a great shot at getting that booking!

If you are interested in finding out the best pool heating options for you and a free estimate please contact us at 850-865-2018 today.


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