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Residential Pool Cleaning.

Your pool will be serviced by professionals with years of quality experience. We don't hire seasonal help and risk your pool quality. Our qualified staff is a year round team effort that prides itself on perfection. Don't take a risk on just a pool cleaning company, that is not licensed to make repairs. Allow The Poolkeepers as a full service company to not only clean and maintain your pool but be available immediately when a repair is needed. Having a happy guest will create a more profitable investment for your property

Your swimming pool is one of the most substantial investments you have in your home. It often makes the largest single difference in enhancing your lifestyle, relaxation, and sense of satisfaction. With proper care your pool can provide you & your family with decades of healthy enjoyment and relaxation.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time by the pool relaxing & enjoying life rather than working so hard to maintain it? – Life is already too short – You don’t need the aggravation! Our service improves your quality of life by saving you valuable time - after all, it should be YOUR time, not work time. Sit back – RELAX – and let the PoolKeepers take care of your pool service. We take the headaches out of pool care & put the fun back in so you can appreciate using the pool instead of worrying about it. Using our service is affordable, smart, & easy!

And if your home is a vacation rental - Think about it!!!! You have rented your home and your guests calls and says your pool is not working - Who do you call? We take care of the details so you don’t have to worry. Routine maintenance items like skimmer baskets, o-rings, minor leaks are simply taken care of as they come up.

You will get super fast response on pool repairs. Vacation rental pool cleaning customers with guests receive top priority scheduling on pool repairs for a seamless guest experience. For example: If a pool circulation pump motor fails we can usually get it replaced the same day so your pool’s downtime is minimized. You might even end up appearing to be a hero to your guests for providing such a quick remedy to their problem.

Your pool cleaning program can be tailored to your needs. Most owners arrange for us to provide one pool cleaning visit per week. High occupancy rentals may benefit from two pool cleaning visits per week during the busy rental season.

There is a lot more to effective pool maintenance than most homeowners realize. For homeowners who do their own pool care it can quickly become more of a chore than a pleasure. Proper pool cleaning & maintenance can be complicated and time consuming. Getting it wrong can also cause numerous problems or result in costly repairs. Eliminate the frustration and ongoing headaches! Have The PoolKeepers experts take care of all aspects of your pool and let your worries drift away.

The PoolKeepers take care of everything: Vacuuming, brushing, chemistry adjustments, cleaning out pump & skimmer baskets, adjusting the water level and backwashing or cleaning your filter. We even take care of routine minor repairs like o-rings or skimmer baskets that need replacement, and when major pool repairs are needed our professional repair team and extensive inventory of parts help get your pool back up and running ASAP with priority repair service to our existing pool cleaning customers.

No matter what your pool needs, we’ll make sure it gets done quickly, correctly, and cost effectively. All you do is the easy part: Contact us for a free quote today & let the PoolKeepers take care of your pool headaches so you don’t have to. 850-865-2018

Our Pool Cleaning Services include:
  • 1. Emptying your filter baskets
  • 2. Cleaning Pool Tiles
  • 3. Skimming the pool by net
  • 4. Checking the efficient operation of your equipment
  • 5. Vacuuming and back washing regularly
  • 6. Checking your automatic cleaning system if applicable
  • 7. Testing chemical levels
  • 8. Balancing the chemicals-adding what is needed
  • 9. Brushing the sides and steps of the pool
  • 10. Blowing off pool deck when needed
  • 11. Making sure your gate is secured

Streamline your vacation rental workload. Have us take care of all aspects of the pool service at your rental. Contact us now for a pool evaluation and service quote. 850-865-2018

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