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Pool Repairs:

Is something broken on your pool?

Call The PoolKeepers today at 850-865-2018 & let us solve or fix your pool problem!

The Poolkeepers, is a fully licensed contractor authorized by the State of Florida to perform Pool & Spa repairs and pool equipment installations for both residential and commercial pools. We provide complete diagnostic, repair and equipment installation services on commercial and residential swimming pools. Our knowledgeable staff has over 30 years of combined pool & spa experience and our pool repair technicians are highly skilled career professionals. We consistently provide superior service at reasonable prices.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your pool with new equipment or simply fix something that’s wrong with it, the PoolKeepers are your go- to swimming pool resource. Is it time to add a pool heater and have your pool earn more money for your rental?

Some of our most popular services include installations & repairs on:

• Pool pumps & pump motors

• Swimming pool automation

• Sand, cartridge, and DE filters (Yes! We do sand changes!)

• Pool & Spa lighting

• Chlorinators

• Salt water sanitizing systems & chlorine generators

• Pool plumbing>

• Swimming pool heaters

• Pool cleaners

• Pool Heaters

We also provide the following pool related services.


Have The PoolKeepers, give your pool a face lift! Whether you are just looking to replace a few tiles, need to have your pool acid washed, or desire complete pool resurfacing, The PoolKeepers’ renovation specialists can take care of all your pool restoration needs and make your pool look beautiful again.

At some point most pools will require some form of pool renovation. Most gunite pool finishes will have a lifespan of at least 10 years before resurfacing is needed. Although it probably costs less than you think, ( contact us for a free quote) there are also numerous interim procedures such as acid washing that can bring new life to your pool at a fraction of the cost of pool resurfacing.

We’ll help you find the best solution for you and your pool. The most common types of pool renovations include tile replacement, acid washing and pool resurfacing. Learn more about each of these here and discover which is best for you or call us at 850-865-2018 to discuss the specifics of your particular pool situation.

Swimming Pool & Spa Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing, often also referred to as pool replastering is the most comprehensive form of pool refinishing. If your pool shell is delaminating, or you have widespread areas of etching or pitting, exposed rebar and/or cracks in the pool plaster, resurfacing is most likely the only choice that will get your pool looking like new again. Sometimes small areas of cracks or exposed rebar can be repaired, however it is extremely difficult to match the color of new plaster with old, and you will have a very visible repair when it is finished.

Swimming pool or spa resurfacing is usually more affordable than most people expect and will leave your pool looking as if it is brand new. Resurfacing makes a dramatic difference & it can usually easily pay for itself by increasing the value of your property and making a first rate impression - extremely valuable if you are planning on selling your home.

Contact us or call us at 850-865-2018 today for a free quote on resurfacing your pool. Our service area for resurfacing goes from Panama city Beach to Fort Walton Beach and includes Freeport, Niceville, South Walton and Crestview

Acid Washing Brightens your Pool

By acid washing, we can restore the color of your pool or remove ugly calcium buildup. If your pool surface is unsightly but otherwise physically in great shape then acid washing may be the best option. You can often save the expense of replastering by having The PoolKeepers acid wash your pool instead. Acid washing brightens and the color of your pool wall and removes many stains or areas of discoloration. It will usually produce dramatic and wonderful improvements to its appearance.

Acid washing is often a perfect & relatively inexpensive solution when a pool has been neglected for a long time and has become discolored or matted by algae and muck. Acid washing is a rinse type treatment and only helps the color. It does not improve the structure of the pool surface, so any etching, cracking, or delaminated plaster will not be improved. Acid washing it is most ideal for pools that still have good condition, but ugly plaster.

If your pool has ugly calcium buildup on tile or water features, then acid washing may be for you! Even if your pool wall looks great, often years of use and water balance fluctuations will cause a “water line” of calcium on the tile border or water feature spillovers. Salt water pools are particularly prone to this phenomenon. Acid washing is a great way to remove the calcium and is fairly inexpensive to have us do.

The PoolKeepers are acid washing experts. Contact us today for your free pool evaluation. 850-865-2018.

Tile repair and replacement

Whether you need just a few missing tiles re-attached or want to completely transform the look of your pool with new and different tile, The PoolKeepers can take care of your tile project professionally and cost effectively.

Changing tile is a terrific way to update the look of your pool. Tile replacement is often done during pool resurfacing projects, but if your plaster looks great and you still want a different look, you can have your tile switched out anytime. Contact or call us today at 850-865-2018. for a free estimate.

We are an authorized Hayward warranty center

Our primary service area for cleaning & repairs includes Inlet beach (32413), Rosemary Beach ( 32461), Panama City Beach ( 32413), Seacrest, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Santa Rosa Beach( 32459) Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Miramar Beach ( 32550), and Destin (32541 and 32540).

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